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Acupuncture in York

All you need to know about acupuncture from an experienced acupuncturist

Having treatment

At the initial consultation we’ll spend time talking about  your problem, and your general state of health, to identify possible underlying causes and ensure you receive the most effective treatment.

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is one part of a whole spectrum of treatments known as Chinese medicine.

About Harriet

Harriet is a professional and down to earth acupuncturist, who has helped many people regain their health and achieve a better quality of life.

Harriet Lansdown

Research is key

As well as running her busy practice, Harriet has a visiting research fellowship with the Health Sciences Department at the University of York. She was recently involved in two major clinical trials, ACuDep – looking at the effectiveness of acupuncture and counselling for depression, and the ATLAS trial which focuses on acupuncture and the Alexander Technique in the treatment of neck pain.

I enjoy research, and its rewarding because it informs my clinical work and increases benefits to patients. The best thing is seeing people get better.

What People Say

Back Pain

“Harriet really went into a lot of detail about my back pain. It was a relief to explain everything to her, and see how it related to both my posture and my stressful work.” Jonathan, 32


“I loved the massage, it was really relaxing and made the whole thing a pleasant experience, the needles were only a small part of the treatment.” Peter, 20

Chinese Medicine

“I found the way Chinese medicine explained my symptoms fascinating, and I can feel the treatment working when the needles go in. It’s as if everything is clearing away.” Maureen, 55


“It was a bit odd, the sensation when the needles went in, but it wasn’t painful, and I felt very relaxed.” Gina, 40

Harriet Lansdown
Harriet Lansdown